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Hashini Sri Lanka Girl Looking For Sincere Friendship Love Partner

Friends describe me as a positive, kind, open, friendly and sincere person. I have a positive outlook and I am always open to other people. I have many hobbies, which makes my life complete. I like reading and cinema, museums and exhibitions. I can’t imagine my life without music, I like to sing. I am very active, I like sport ... Read More »

Binima Nepali Girl Looking For True Life Partner For Future

I’m attractive, interesting, optimistic and open-minded girl, who enjoys life and tries to get all the best of it. Sometimes I am very relaxed calm and anxious to have fun and be happy. I am well-mannered, a bit modest and shy but at the same time quite outgoing and friendly.As for my future husband, I see him honest, gentle, loyal ... Read More »

Nageenah Bangladeshi Girl Looking For Kind And True Life Partner

I always knew that I could find love, I knew that I could start a serious relationship, but life is not always supported me in this. But no matter what I did everything in my power, and I am grateful to myself for the fact that I now have. I want to show you that there are still women who ... Read More »

Simrit Indian Girl Looking For Love Friendship With Full Profile

And now about myself. I will tell what I can. I’m relaxed but modest. I’m confident in myself and my capabilities. I’m stubborn and a person of principle. I always fight against false, hatred and spite. All this takes time and energy. And I would really love I will have a new source charging me with positive energy. I need ... Read More »

Hira Arabic Girl Looking For Friendship Marriage Partner Online

I am a very active person. I like to try new things, discover new places and meet new interesting people. I try to be everywhere and participate in everything. My friends say that I am very alike with a cat. I am same curious and soft, but also very playful and may be capricious sometimes. I am very friendly and ... Read More »

Vithiya Sri Lankan Girl Looking For Outside Country Love Partner

I am a serious woman who is interested in marriage.I want to meet a man from another country , because I was disappointed in relations with Sri Lankan men. I know that marriages between Sri Lankan women and men from other countries longer , so I decided to try to find a man on this site. Perhaps you are now ... Read More »

Aleezna Bangladeshi Girl Looking For Special Future Life Companion

I am gentle, kind, sensitive, sincere, open, nice, beautiful and good. I am a lawyer, I am interested in creativity. I love to travel, but it is seen only Bangladesh, but I dream to go all with my one and only husband.I’m looking for a good, reliable person who will be honest and sincere. A bit loving, with sense of ... Read More »

Manali Indian Girl Looking For Pure Love Life Partner Here

I am very sincere and funny. I believe in my goals and aims. I love horses because they’re really sensitive and peaceful creatures. I am self-confident and it helps to be straight and open with people. I like traveling to different places and see the things I have never seen before. It’s important because all those impressions make me a ... Read More »

Mehreen Bangladeshi Girl Looking For Ideal Loving Friendship Online

I am a gentle, caring woman who knows how to love. I know how to give a man happiness, I am able to surround a man caring, affection, and comfort. I am able to create warmth and comfort in the home and in the heart. I know what I want, and financially independent woman, I love to travel, nothing keeps ... Read More »

Nabila Arabic Girl Looking For Special Online Friendship Partner

I know how to surround my man with care and affection and comfort. Relationships with me can give you much more than any other woman can give. As they don’t have what I do. I will not say that I can be a dream-woman for everyone, but if you will want to know me better, I can guarantee that it ... Read More »

Artana Indian Girl Looking For Pure Loving Ideal Life Partner

I can say that I am a woman who believes in a great love and happiness.I am a very simple and positive person,who likes every day ,every minute.I am active I like to get all paints in my life.I like to communicate with people it is so great to have different social contacts.I can say that I am a kind ... Read More »

Armita Nepali Girl Looking For Special Caring Love Partner

You would find me very positive, energetic and easy-going. I like to smile a lot and bring the positive emotion to my close people. I am enthusiastic and open by nature so you would always have what to do with me and to talk on any subject. I have been grown up in a good family that has taught me ... Read More »

Amberina Pakistani Girl Looking For True And Ideal Love Partner

I am an intelligent and easygoing girl, stay in positive mind and always try to be optimistic in any situation. I always take care of people I love. I am a girl who can make a house beautiful. By nature I’m a very devoted and affectionate person. That’s why I want to love.Do you want the same? I hope, you’ve ... Read More »

Nishtha Indian Girl Looking Future Partner For Marriage

If you open my profile it means that you want to know something more about me! Ill try to explain you of who I am through many things which I love and don’t like. At the end you will do your own conclusions and be ready either to ask me for some details or simply to close my profile. In ... Read More »

Zafirah Arabic Libya Girl Looking For Honest Soulmate Here

I am a down to earth girl, but at the same time I trust in myself to be the person of my own dreams. I am a hard worker and I have many goals, and I want to achieve them all. I want to have a very warm relationship with my future husband. I want happy marriage and family life. ... Read More »

Shayera Pakistani Girl Looking For Loving Good Life Partner

Well, talking about me, I can say that I am a positive person who loves this life and who lives to the fullest. I am lucky to be surrounded by beloved people, my close friends, my family and just people I love with whom we can spend a good time together. I was told that I am a good friend ... Read More »

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