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Ghazalah Bangladeshi Girl Looking For Future Life Partner Here

I am tender girl who is looking for true love. I can be a wonderful friend and lover. My friends appreciate my honesty and loyalty. I’m very passionate and sincere. I always try to help other people. I am very positive about life and I am used to appreciate each moment of it as it will never repeat again. I ... Read More »

Sonurita Telugu Girl Looking For Loyal Kind Future Life Partner

I should say that I’m a very beautiful and charming girl. Many people say, that I have an inner beauty that attracts people. I know that the most important for a person is to live in harmony with his.Many girls look for their Mr. Perfect. I’m different. I’m a grown up person and I realize that nobody is perfect. My ... Read More »

Nadin Tamil Girl Looking For Marriage Perfect Future Life Partner

I grew up in a family where I was taught to be the perfect woman, what would be the perfect wife for my husband .But so far, I’m still single and not married. Parents tell me that I am a beautiful woman, that I must not be alone. Yes, I agree with them, but I think a woman should be ... Read More »

Sophina Nepali Girl Looking Overseas Life Companion For Future

To learn more about me, I want to share my thoughts on the most important areas of life, I believe that children must be in the family and no matter how much. I believe that the work should bring not only money, but also fun. I believe that education is important first of all for myself. There is a self ... Read More »

Radeeka Indian Girl Looking Dating Love Partner For Marriage

Maybe we should not talk about yourself too much, and there are things that are all still worth keeping to himself. I have these, perhaps, I am very small and I can safely talk about myself to anyone who wants to hear. There are many different things that I like. I like to communicate with people. I like to listen ... Read More »

Raneem Bangladeshi Girl Looking For Social Chat Friendship Here

I am a very funny and cheerful girl with a great sense of humor.I love my family and relatives very much , and respect our traditions also. My biggest dream in my life is to find my love and create a family with this person.I am a loving and passionate woman.We only follow the inspiration of our feelings, our interests ... Read More »

Sahima Indian Girl Looking For Social Future Loving Ideal Partner

I am cheerful and kind sincere lady who wants to find a woman`s happiness. Happiness for me is a worthy and respected husband, happy and smart children and work. It means an interesting and eventful life. I am hard working and energetic. I accept everything new in life with pleasure. I like to study, make decisions easily and I always ... Read More »

Freya Telugu Girl Looking For Loyal Future Sincere Relationship

I am very trusted and composed lady. I value family traditions and my mother taught me to love children and husband and to do everything for their happiness. I am good-natured and friendly t the people around me. I have many friends and I think that all of them really like me and find me responsible lady. I will always ... Read More »

Koyna Agroha From Indian Mandya Phone Numbers For Social Chat

First Name: Koyna Last: Agroha Religion: Hindu Maritial Status: Single Date Of Birth: 13.01.1990 Language: Hindi,English Phone Number: +91-9953254695 City: Mandya Company: Uninor State: Karnataka Email: Country: India Gender: Female Read More »

Telugu Rajampet Girl Naisha Mullapudi Phone Number For Social

First Name: Naisha   Last: Mullapudi   Religion: Hindu Maritial Status: Single Date Of Birth: 20.09.1991 Language: Telugu,English Phone Number: +91-9630896541 City: Rajampet Company: Airtel State: Andhra Pradesh Email: Country: India Gender: Female Read More »

Kaysah Pakistani Girl Looking For Marriage Partner Sincere Love

I am a sincere and delicate woman with an open mind. Also I am creative and extraordinary person. My friends appreciate me for my patience, the ability to listen and willingness to help. I am very energetic and I love fast bikes and cars.I wish to give the whole world the whole universe to my partner as he will feel ... Read More »

Jaisudha Indian Girl Looking For Pure Love Social Chat Friendship

A lot of words could be told about me. But I don’t want to write a novel about how wonderful I am. I can say that I am the person who appreciates inner world and human’s soul most of all. I don’t try to find positive and negative sides in a person. I think that we all are beautiful and ... Read More »

Musfirah Arabic Girl Looking For Social Marriage Future Life Partner

Well, probably it is not so easy to describe who I am. I am smart, intelligent, cute, and well educated. I am in a perfect shape. I am a person who is sincere in views and in position in life. I am looking for second half as everybody here. Smile. I think I have the sense of humor, anyway I ... Read More »

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