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Hashini Sri Lanka Girl Looking For Sincere Friendship Love Partner

Friends describe me as a positive, kind, open, friendly and sincere person. I have a positive outlook and I am always open to other people. I have many hobbies, which makes my life complete. I like reading and cinema, museums and exhibitions. I can’t imagine my life without music, I like to sing. I am very active, I like sport ... Read More »

Binima Nepali Girl Looking For True Life Partner For Future

I’m attractive, interesting, optimistic and open-minded girl, who enjoys life and tries to get all the best of it. Sometimes I am very relaxed calm and anxious to have fun and be happy. I am well-mannered, a bit modest and shy but at the same time quite outgoing and friendly.As for my future husband, I see him honest, gentle, loyal ... Read More »

Nivya Telugu Girl Looking For Just Love Friendship With Picture

I adore my life and can be considered as a funny, smiling and life loving person. Also I would like to add that nothing can spoil my mood and that is why I can tell there is no bad weather for me. There are no bad impressions and bad emotions in my life. My life is filled with lots of ... Read More »

Nageenah Bangladeshi Girl Looking For Kind And True Life Partner

I always knew that I could find love, I knew that I could start a serious relationship, but life is not always supported me in this. But no matter what I did everything in my power, and I am grateful to myself for the fact that I now have. I want to show you that there are still women who ... Read More »

Simrit Indian Girl Looking For Love Friendship With Full Profile

And now about myself. I will tell what I can. I’m relaxed but modest. I’m confident in myself and my capabilities. I’m stubborn and a person of principle. I always fight against false, hatred and spite. All this takes time and energy. And I would really love I will have a new source charging me with positive energy. I need ... Read More »

Hira Arabic Girl Looking For Friendship Marriage Partner Online

I am a very active person. I like to try new things, discover new places and meet new interesting people. I try to be everywhere and participate in everything. My friends say that I am very alike with a cat. I am same curious and soft, but also very playful and may be capricious sometimes. I am very friendly and ... Read More »

Telugu Anakapalle Ravyanki Gurram Girl Chat Number For Friendship

First Name: Ravyanki Last: Gurram Age: 22 Religion: Hindu Maritial Status: Single Date Of Birth: 11.08.1992 Language: Telugu,English Mobile Number: +91-9520398754 City: Anakapalle Company: Airtel State: Andhra Pradesh Email: ravyanki_gurram4u@yahoo.com Country: India Gender: Female Read More »

Telugu Eluru Girl Kanchan Kodhati Whatsapp Mobile Number

First Name: Kanchan Last: Kodhati Age: 22 Religion: Hindu Maritial Status: Single Date Of Birth: 14.02.1992 Language: Telugu,English Mobile Number: +91-9593893943 City: Eluru Company: Idea State: Andhra Pradesh Email: kanchan.kodhati4u@gmail.com Country: India Gender: Female Read More »

Nepali Kalaiya Girl Aakanksha Shekhar Social Mobile Number With Image

First Name: Aakanksha   Last: Shekhar Age: 22 Religion: Hindu Maritial Status: Single Date Of Birth: 10.09.1992 Language: Nepali,English Mobile Number: +977-980213207 City: Kalaiya Company: N/A State: Kalaiya Email: aakanksha.shekhar4u@gmail.com Country: Nepal Gender: Female Read More »

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