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Asheeyana Bangladesh Girl Looking Marriage And Friendship Love

If you are looking for smart, wise and modest girl, then you are on the right page.I think that the main thing in the life is not to lose optimism and never give up in all situations which life brings us. And this is who I am.Life is too short to spend it for argues, bad thoughts and angry.so better ... Read More »

Shayera Pakistani Girl Looking For Loving Good Life Partner

Well, talking about me, I can say that I am a positive person who loves this life and who lives to the fullest. I am lucky to be surrounded by beloved people, my close friends, my family and just people I love with whom we can spend a good time together. I was told that I am a good friend ... Read More »

Navami Bangladesh Girl Looking For Love Life Relationship

I am the one that is hard to find, easy to lose and impossible to forget. O do not know how to say you about me, because I am different, my friends say that I am an angel, and my mother says I’m the devil. So who am I? I have been working in the field of geodesy and I ... Read More »

Jeyavathana Tamil Girl Looking For Ideal Decent Life Partner

I am very creative person. Actually I am very open and positive person who is always ready to support and understand. Very appreciate loyal and sincere friends. I love sports, especially running,attend driving courses. Music is my life! Photography is my hobby and my job. I love to photograph nature. During this myself become part of it. Also, I love ... Read More »

Bangladesh Bagherhat Girl Adeelah Maruf Cell Number For Friendship

First Name: Adeelah Last: Maruf Age: 23 Religion: Islam Maritial Status: Single Date Of Birth: 11.01.1991 Language: Bengali,Urdu,English Mobile Number: +880-177931752 City: Bagherhat Company: GrameenPhone State: Khulna Email: adeelah.maruf.real@gmail.com Country: Bangladesh Gender: Female Read More »

Lishanya Tamil Girl Looking Decent Life Marriage Partner Here Online

Today I was told I am like a daisy flower. Beautiful, charming, but so simple! Do you think like this? I am sensitive and sentimental woman. I believe my blessing and my curse is my kindness. Notwithstanding all this I am very responsible person and that is why I have been a monitor at school and university. I like reading ... Read More »

Nepal Dolakha Girl Sarmeela Umesh Mobile Number For Life Partner

First Name: Sarmeela Last: Umesh Age: 22 Religion: Hindu Maritial Status: Single Date Of Birth: 20.08.1992 Language: Nepali,English Mobile Number: +977-548321654 City: Charikot Company: N/A State: Dolakha Email: sarmeela_umesh.nep@yahoo.com Country: Nepal Gender: Female Read More »

Indian Madras Mehta Nagar Girl Mohana Muniyarayar Mobile Number

First Name: Mohana Last: Muniyarayar Age: 22 Religion: Hindu Maritial Status: Single Date Of Birth: 13.06.1992 Language: Tamil,Madrasi,English Mobile Number: +91-9834729865 City: Mehta Nagar Company: Vodafone State: Madras/Chennai Email: mohana.muniyarayar4u@gmail.com Country: India Gender: Female Read More »

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